“Pathways To Satisfaction”.

Thank you for showing an interest in the book “pathways to Satisfaction”. I sincerely believe that with the information that is provided from this book, that when we decide to study and conscientiously apply it, can make and add an enormous value in all areas of our life.    This book provides an accumulation of interesting and important ideas, theories and Strategies that can assist when forming a great plan.  This could lead to some bright and amazing results in our life, so as to get us to that new place that we may think about, describe or dream of. When this new knowledge is put to good use, it will begin to go on and could mark for many happy years to come.

This book could be considered an age old Proven BLUEPRINT, or answer so as to help to move us out of a personal dilemma with the results showing in our life of some definite improvements. When these changes occur, it will mark the clear joy of moving forward, which can assure to us a better account for the future.

Some of the Subjects covered in The “Pathways to Satisfaction” book are: Comprehensive Instructions on the planning of our Goals, Wants and Needs., Development of will power, grit and backbone. Management of doubt and criticism. Building of self belief, faith and self- esteem. Health and well being of our mind, body and emotions. Self Evaluation and Re-habiting. Self discipline, Growth and development. Meaningful happiness. Effective analyzing of problems, concerns and worries.  Relationships and partnerships. And love.

In addition I share my experience, knowledge and wisdom which I have gained from far reaching activities in sports, many industries as well as the “hard knocks and grass roots of life”. The overall theme of this book (Pathways to Satisfaction) is that of “Helping to make things happen in our life with meaning “. The “Persistent Realization of Goals Raising Effective Solutions Successfully” or P.R.O.G.R.E.S.S

So Therefore it is a Step by step process to help us to find direction and purpose from the moment we awake, right up to the time that we are going to bed. This guide is in an order that greatly helps to propel us onwards in the creation and achievement of our Visions, Dreams, Plans, Wants or Goals in life.

In other words “Willingly Attain Needed Targets Successfully” or W.A.N.T.S . The “Pathways to Satisfaction” assists in providing some well thought out Positive programming of the subconscious mind. These purposeful affirmations can be very helpful and assist in maintaining of a focused direction towards our true intentions.  “Wisely Organizing Reliable Knowledge”, yes, they W.O.R.K                                           The “Pathways to Satisfaction” book is encouraging and supportive with comprehensive “tools” to help steer us towards the forming of our worthwhile goals in an easy to follow organized fashion. Likely this will in effect greatly assist in the experience of reaching and fulfilling a particular need.  This overall blend of quality information provides many answers that we may hunger for in the course of our everyday activities. Of course other valued assistance and information is always available from Google, Youtube, Wiki, or Facebook.

The “pathways to Satisfaction” book also identifies the importance of having deep appreciation and gratitude towards ourselves, as well as others, in our exciting journey of discovery throughout our life. A daily Gratitude “check” sheet is also included in this book to help boost our mood forward to having a positive frame of mind, and this then, can encourage and stimulate enthusiasm increasing our excitement and passion, which is very helpful in driving us onwards towards the pursuit of our worthwhile visions.                                                            The “Pathways to Satisfaction” book endeavors to reveal how to gain the greatest value out of ourselves, by taking the action of chasing after our goals, ideas and wants with passion and excitement.  Feel Up-building Nourishment or having F.U.N in all that we do!    This book can help to Guide us in the management of our everyday activities so that we may gain the exciting benefits of having a better quality of life for ourselves now and in the future.

I wish you every success with your “Pathways to Satisfaction” and the attaining of worthwhile achievements that will bring true contentment with genuine fulfillment.                                                                                                                                                                                             “May you always have moment by moment appreciation, with positive expectations of what you are doing now, and achieving in the future”.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    I hope your future brings to you all your worthwhile wants and goals.

Robert T Manly (Bob)


"Pathways To Satisfaction"

How do you Improve your life's Journey

When setting your life into a direction which puts you on the pathways to having achievement, satisfaction and contentment it will result  with the benefits of feeling purposeful and in control of your life all day long.

This is because you will be in a complete settled "state of mind" as there will be a strong fulfilling feeling  of knowing where you are going and the obtaining of something that will truly benefit YOUR LIFE NOW and into your future!


Here are the subjects that are covered in the “Pathways To Satisfaction” Book.


Willpower/Grit/ Backbone, Self Evaluation, Gratitude/Appreciation, Faith, Self Discipline, Improvements/Re-habiting, Attitudes/habits/Beliefs, Wants and Needs, Meaningful Happiness, Rules of the Mind,

Vision, Choice, Doubt, Criticism, Goals/Wants/Needs/ Ideas/Dreams, Planning Goals, Perfect day plan,Analyzing problems, concerns or worries, Focused affirmations, Mind/Brain/Body Health, Relationships/Partnerships, Temperaments and Personalities.


       When selecting what worthwhile goal you want to attain it could be from many areas in your life but the most important point here is that this goal should contribute to you adding some valuable improvements into your life whether that is personal (Physical, Emotional, Intellectual,  beliefs, habits or attitudes) or could be a specific material need (House, Business, Car, Furniture) that is needed.

“May you always have moment by moment appreciation with positive expectations of what you are doing Now and achieving in the future”.

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