How is an  Effective way of creating worthwhile goals and establishing great outcomes? 

“Goals connect Dreams to Reality”


       When selecting what worthwhile goal you want to attain it could be from many areas in your life but the most important point here is that this goal should contribute to “value adding” wanted improvements into your life whether that be personal (Physical, Emotional,Intellectual, beliefs, habits or attitudes) or could be a specific material need (House, Business, Car, Furniture) that is required.

Below is an example of how to set out a well laid out plan when forming your goals.       This plan works on all areas these being physical, emotional, intellectual, or Material.

This balance is essential to maintain complete focus and have maximum exertion towards attaining your W.A.N.T.S.       

(Willingly Attain Needed Targets Successfully).

Here are the steps for a well structured Goal sheet.

(1)Define the Worthwhile Goal/ Ideal/ Idea, Skill, Dream or Want.        (One ONLY per sheet) 

The Start to improving your life by setting out the vision of what you want right now!!!!!!!!!                                                                                                                 These could be wanted improvements:- physical Emotional, Intellectual,, Materially, Attitudes or Ethics.

For Example:  Self Control and Self-Discipline. Exercise and eating wisely. 

 Simple Needs.

 Important Wants.


(2)Inspiring Motive 1.

Identify and feel if you stay in your current situation and not go after this Goal?   

Nobody wants to stay where they are and continue to put up a with an uncomfortable situation/s !!!!!!!!!!!!

Identify negative feelings of discomfort if you stay in your current situation.

For example this could be feelings of being bogged down and stuck. Could be the feelings of being without this Goal, skill or want in your life. Also imagine the discomfort of not having the benefits gained of achieving this goal.

So this is is the “pusher and Driver”. so list all the pain of Not having this want and then describing it in detail.

(3)Inspiring Motive 2. Visualize how you will feel once you have achieved this Worthy Goal.  (List)

The feelings of success upon your attaining this achievement will be elevating and exciting!!!!!

Identify the positive elevated feelings of achieving this dream or want. Increased quality of life and enjoyment.

Increased excitement and fulfillment. Contentment and satisfaction.

N.B This is the “Puller, Sucker and Drawer” towards your goals


Inspiring Motive 3. Imagine all the exciting Benefits when you have received  this Goal.  (List)

Having these inspiring benefits are Satisfying and fulfilling!!!!!!!!!!

Visualize the benefits of life with having this “want” in your life. How exciting the experience will be with the improvements etc. Picture yourself using this great new skill or want and how it improved your life so much.

Appreciate the positive advancement you have worked so hard for.

(5) Direction skills Behavioral Attitudes and Habits you need to have for acquiring this Goal.  (List)


Identifying and working on these points will always results in beneficial and exceptional self improvement!

At this point you are to evaluate exactly what your personal requirements that you may need to acquire for obtaining this much needed want or Goal.

This may require you investigating into yourself what qualifications, habits, attitudes or skills which will be required to achieve your objective.

Also asking trusted others of their ideas to contribute to your success


(6) The Effective Plan Construct the Plan and Procedural steps to make this plan Effective.  (List)


Setting out your plan creates a strong Motive & inspires you onwards towards your Worthwhile Goal!!!!!!!!!!!

To be effective in forming any structure requires careful planning then laying out the processes and procedures that need to be followed for the optimal finishing of the Construction.

Carefully follow and review each section of this sheet each day and be prepared to make any improvements in your plan to increase the effectiveness of the completion of the Want, Dream or Goal.


(7) Activate Effective Plan

(a)All the major Steps to complete.

(b) Construct easy achievable Micro Steps.  (List)


(Steps to complete)                  ( Each Micro – Step)                                                                       Completion Date.

Major Step                       Carefully form the easy to complete micro-steps                         Record each Success      

Working out the major steps  then breaking these steps down into smaller steps will make this big goal easily achievable and you will not be overcome by some massively large  goal. 

(8) Review and Reflect  Feel & Visualize the key Motive, and the Good Reasons why this plan will work so well (List)

Pathways To Satisfaction

Looking back at the good work you’ve done increases your confidence & your Self-belief grows!!!!!!!!!

Reflect upon all your outstanding magnificent W.O.R.K  (Wisely Organize Reliable knowledge)  that you have completed.

Remember the challenges you faced and overcome in this journey to fulfilling the plan.

Recall the effectiveness of setting of goals and pursuing them to completion. 

(The Harmonious Coordination and Coherent Development of Your Thought patterns)  Inspired Balance of having Great lives



(9) Appreciation & Reward List the Reward/s you are going to give yourself NOW.       (Something very positive to look forward to)

You have arrived at the light at the end of your tunnel for this goal ! Well Done!!!!!!!!!

  This is the rewarding gift you are giving to yourself for successfully completing this terrific  achievement and reaching the result you so desired.                                                                  

                                         Planned Achievement By:- Day/Date __________

The completion of the last section is very exciting. At this point you may select the reward that you will be awarding yourself upon the achieving of this want or goal. This is a mark of appreciation for this fine achievement. It could be considered that you have arrived at the light at the end of your tunnel and it puts you into a small group of people that can set out a worthwhile want or goal then persevere, persist with patience and finally attain your worthwhile want or goal…..Well Done!

Physical, Intellectual and Emotional exertion is always invigorating and raises your levels of excitement in your life.