DOUBT CREATES Fear to try.

William Shakespeare put it this way “Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the Good we often might win by fearing to attempt”! 

Always be watchful for the danger of “Seeds of Doubt” trying to enter your Mind and Brain internally or from outside Influences.

Doubt can spoil your DAY and YOUR LIFE because it attacks your Self-Belief, your Confidence and Self Esteem!

 If you allow this to happen it can lead to fears of attempting to pursue your worthwhile goal/s.

 This will then undermine the important belief structures that are all part of your life’s purpose and achievements in which you have worked so hard to create.

 Don’t ever allow doubt to infiltrate into your brain because it will kill your hopes and dreams quickly!

 Hate any attempts to plant doubts into your mind.

 Fight “sources of doubt” because these sources will undermine your positive directions that you have for your life. They are an enemy!!!!

 Be HUNGRY in having an active POSITIVE UPBUILDING way about you every single day and YOU will be inspired and all those who are all around you will also become inspired.  “It’s Time”.        Well Done!

 “Have moment by moment appreciation with positive expectations of what you are doing now and achieving in the future”!

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