There is two types of criticism-

  1. Positive – This is when an evaluation of your actions or situations that are presented to you in a respectful manner which benefits you in some area of your life being physical, emotional, intellectual or in a material way.

 2.  Negative – This is when somebody presents to you in a manner that is with   anger, wrong opinions, malicious false observations, devaluating hurtful comments, dominating, manipulating and aggressive actions.

Learning how to deal with highly critical people when you are faced with destructive criticism from them.

  1. No one can reject you without your consent. (You choose who controls your emotions).
  1. Choose not to let destructive criticism in. (You choose who controls your emotions and belief structures).
  1. Remember that your opinion matters the most. (Don’t allow other opinions to undermine your belief structures ,confidence or plant doubt in your mind).
  1. Remember there may be more to the situation and it might not be about you. People who are critical are people who usually have the most criticism reserved for themselves. (Critical people want to feel elevated above you or want to devalue you so you feel lower than them).
  1. Replace destructive criticism with a positive belief. (Maintain your focus on what you know is right and good!).
  1. You choose to evaluate whether there is any merit in the criticism or any points that may help or benefit you to some small degree. (Sometimes even when a harsh comment has been presented there may be some minor point which could be of benefit towards your personal improvement but this is your choice).
  1. Remember when you are kicked and criticized it often means you are accomplishing something and worthy of attention. People get a savage satisfaction out of denouncing better educated and successful people than them! Unjust criticism is often a disguised Compliment.

“I Hope you always have moment by moment appreciation with positive expectations of what you are doing now and achieving in the future”

Pathways To Satisfaction

Looking back at the good work you’ve done increases your confidence and your Self-belief grows!!!!!!!!!

Reflect upon all your outstanding magnificent W.O.R.K  (Wisely Organize Reliable knowledge)  that you have completed.

Remember the challenges you faced and overcome in this journey to fulfilling the plan.

Recall the effectiveness of setting of goals and pursuing them to completion. 

(The Harmonious Coordination and Coherent Development of Your Thought patterns)  Inspired Balance of having Great lives