About: Robert T Manly (Bob)

“May you always have moment by moment appreciation with positive expectations of what you are doing now and achieving in the future”.

Robert T Manly

  Robert Manly (Bob) was born at Portfairy, in Western district of Victoria,   Australia.

 He grew up on his parents farm in the farming community of Bessiebelle.   Victoria, Australia

 He joined the Royal Australian Navy at the age of seventeen and served 6 years as Marine technician in propulsion.

 Upon leaving the RAN he has worked in engineering in many different industries including chemical. Paper, Timber, and in the Mining industries,

 In addition has been extensively been involved in the logistics industries,

 Furthermore his involvement with sales and marketing has proven a valuable  consideration to his overall skills.

 His main passion has always been for self improvement and this is demonstrated in his book called “Pathways to Satisfaction”.

 Having been a senior umpire in the sport of Australian rules football with in excess of 560 games also gives him a broader aspect with sports in general so as   to appreciate the dedication that goes into achieving positive results in all facets of our lives.

 The book  “Pathways To Satisfaction” that he has written is a guide for our personal improvement in all aspects of our lives so we can gain more fulfillment and satisfaction in every step we take.

 His book “Pathways To Satisfaction”  is available across the world in over 40,000 retailers and 30,000 libraries making up a comprehensive distribution  network that included Amazon, the iBook store as well as Barnes & Noble.

ISBN – 978-1-922328-36-6

My Mission is to encourage, Support and help all to have enthusiasm, purpose, direction, leading to Satisfaction and Fulfillment in their life!

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