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Welcome to the “HaveSatisfaction” website.

I hope you find something of value for yourself here that is enriching, and beneficial for your growth and improvement that is really worthwhile. I have compiled this information over many years from lots of industries, training’s, experiences  and also from many other sources like well informed and gifted mentors. The information is therefore an accumulation of proven ideas, theories, strategies and plans that have helped many people to achieve very welcoming, and successful results in their life.

The overall theme for this website is “Helping to make things happen with Meaning”.That is also the main reason I have written and published the book “Pathways to Satisfaction”. I would like all of us to have “Persistent Realization of Goals Raising Effective Solutions Successfully in other words (P.R.O.G.R.E.S.S) in our life. Please enjoy your journey around the“HaveSatisfaction” website, and I wish you every success with your individual “Pathways To Satisfaction” so that you will attain your worthwhile wants and goals which will lead to true contentment, and genuine fulfillment.

“May you always have moment by moment appreciation with positive expectations, of what you are doing now, and achieving in the future”.

I hope you have a great day.

Robert T Manly(Bob)


“Practicing good Habits creates Good Feelings.”

Robert T Manly

Your drive and direction

Even from our youth we can control our purpose and pathways.

"Pathways To Satisfaction". Australia.

The Wanted Goal

Willing exertion and dedication in developing your physical, Emotional, and Intellectual qualities and abilities so as to become the person you want to be NOW!

For your copy of the "Pathways To Satisfaction" Book

Setting your life into a direction which puts you on the pathways to having achievement, satisfaction and contentment will result  with the benefits of feeling purposeful and in control of your life all day long because you will be in a complete settled “state of mind” as there will be a strong fulfilling feeling  of knowing where you are going and the obtaining of something that will truly benefit YOUR LIFE NOW and into your future!

How do you steer your Boat

Keeping your hands always on your boats steering wheel of life will ensure you reach your destination safely.

Which Pathway is the Best for You?

Each day when we make decisions of which pathway to follow it is so important to select the direction of which is of the most benefit for us physically, emotionally, Intellectually, and Materially!

Control Your destination is by Choice!

How do things happen in our life? 

Which one are we?

Waiting and Hoping for things to Happen.


Wanting then Making things Happen in our life. 

Visualize "YOUR LIGHT" at the end of the Tunnel